Potential rule changes in the AFL could see the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide reserves sides exit the SANFL, reports Michelangelo Rucci.

Writing for News Ltd, Rucci says:

“There is no guarantee the SANFL will follow the AFL on a radical rewrite of the game’s rules — such as starting positions — forcing the Power and Crows to reconsider the value of keeping their reserves in the State league.”

“This could become the trigger for a national reserves competition as one of the unexpected fall-out of the rules debate.”

Rucci quotes SANFL football boss Adam Kelly who says the local league is not obliged to adopt any rules changes implemented in the national league.

“We will do what is in the best interests of the SANFL,” says Kelly.

“We will certainly consider what the AFL does — more so when the AFL has a lot more insight, much more analysis and research on what is best for Australian football.

“But we are not compelled to introduce any of the changes adopted by the AFL Commission.

“We would need to consider the AFL reserves teams. We would understand the complications of AFL players moving in and out of the SANFL playing to differing rules in the two leagues.

“But our No. 1 concern is, ‘What is in the best interests of the SANFL?’

“We need to wait on the AFL’s decision to value the merit of rule changes in the SANFL.”

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