ALP worker sledges young Lib for having ‘thick thighs and a short skirt’

A young woman handing out Liberal Party pamphlets in northwest Sydney claims a Labor volunteer told her she had “thick thighs” and a skirt that was “too short”.

Sophie Watson, 23, is accusing a female Labor volunteer of the abuse outside the Coles supermarket in West Ryde at about 10.45am today.

She claims the unnamed woman made the comments after Ms Watson intervened in a policy discussion two Labor volunteers were having with a constituent.

Liberal volunteer Sophie Watson.

Ms Watson, who has been volunteering for the Liberals since 2013, said the conversation turned ugly after she defended Bennelong Federal Liberal MP John Alexander’s table tennis program in local schools.

Ms Watson said that was when the Labor volunteer — aged in her late-40s or early-50s — let fly.

“The lady said ‘are you taking the piss, love? You know nothing’,” Ms Watson told The Sunday Telegraph.

“I then said ‘I do (know), I have been volunteering in the area quite a lot. I live in the area’.

Sophie Watson volunteering during the state election in March.

“The Labor volunteer said my skirt was too short and that I was a bad look for the party.

“She said ‘I have never seen your face before. I would have remembered you because you have a good body and thick thighs’.”

The Sunday Telegraph has contacted Labor for comment.

Ms Watson, an accountant, claims that she then “got very upset and was starting to tear up”.

“They said ‘stop putting it on, stop trying to fake cry, you are trying to make this a story’,” Ms Watson said.

A picture of the Labor volunteer Ms Watson claims verbally attacked her.

Ms Watson was by herself at the time of the exchange, but was within eyesight of a fellow Liberal volunteer, and she claims another male Labor volunteer heard the exchange.

Brendan Roberts, a spokesman for John Alexander, said the Labor woman’s comments were “terrible”.

Maroubra Liberal candidate Brendan Roberts
Federal Liberal member for Bennelong John Alexander.

“We have a young woman who has been criticised for what her body looks like and the clothes she is wearing — it’s deplorable,” Mr Roberts, a Randwick Liberal councillor, said.

“There is no room for bullying and personal attacks. John Alexander calls on everyone to be civil and respect each other.”

Mr Alexander is being challenged for the seat by former AMA president Dr Brian Owler.

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