Marcus Adams wants to play on opposition’s best forwards in the finals

Marcus Adams wanted the opportunity to play on Geelong’s Tom Hawkins and he delivered with an outstanding performance in the Lions’ win. It’s made him hungry to be given more critical jobs come September.

Brisbane fans are quickly learning that Marcus Adams is a very good player but the powerhouse backman has also worked something out — he reckons Harris Andrews is the best defender in the competition.

The partnership Adams is forming with the Lions vice-captain that will be pivotal in their impending finals campaign and their battle with Tigers Jack Riewoldt and Tom Lynch at the MCG on Sunday will have a major bearing on the Lions’ hopes of finishing in the top two.

In Saturday’s thrilling one point win over Geelong Adams took on, and took down, two time premiership star Tom Hawkins.

It was his best game as a Lion that earned a rave post-match review from coach Chris Fagan.

The 26-year-old had multiple motivations for ensuring he had a big day.

He was desperate to earn his teammates’ respect and after only being in the side since the Round 16 win over GWS due to a pre-season injury, he didn’t feel he had shown them exactly what he was capable of yet.

And he had put his hand up to play on Hawkins.

“I said I could do it and I didn’t want to be the guy who promised the world and couldn’t deliver,’’ he said.

His stunning success means Fagan will have the option against certain opponents during the finals of giving Adams the opposition’s best big forward to free Andrews up to play a more intercepting role.

Adams wants the best forward, but he doesn’t think for a moment that means he is the main man in the Lions’ back six.

That mantle belongs to the teammate he believes is at the top of the pile across the whole competition.

“I think Harris is the best defender in the competition to be honest,’’ he said.

“He is remarkable to play with, not only is he a superb defender he is terrific with his support play, I know if I get myself caught in a bad position with my opponent he will be there to help, he is a really good teammate.’’

Harris Andrews has been huge for the Lions this season. Picture: Phil Hillyard
Harris Andrews has been huge for the Lions this season.

Adams is three years Andrews’ senior but admits to looking up to the man widely considered the next Lions’ captain.

“Week in week out he just helps me a lot, I feel like I would love to be a first-year player coming in with a guy like that to learn from,’’ he said.

“He is so giving with his time, we spent a lot of time last week going through things he’d picked up about Tom Hawkins which helped me a lot.’’

Adams is generally a reserved character but his personality bubbled to the surface after the win on Geelong when he was spotted in joyful embraces with his teammates.

“I just love playing with this group,’’ he said.

“It was an exciting time, we were all pretty stoked with the win.

“I think for the most part I am a bit of flat liner, but sometimes it spills out.’’

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