South Sydney to offer Sam Burgess 10-year deal in administration role to honour his contract

EXCLUSIVE: South Sydney are ready to honour Sam Burgess’s $3.6 million contract with a move that will keep the retiring great with the Rabbitohs for another decade.

Sam Burgess has emerged from another tumultuous week in his private life with a multimillion-dollar long-term job offer with the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

We can reveal the champion forward will be employed in an administration role should the NRL grant his request to be medically retired from the game with the shoulder injury.

Burgess is still on a $3.6 million three-year contract at South Sydney.

Burgess takes a break at Coogee Beach on Tuesday. Picture: Christian Gilles
Burgess takes a break at Coogee Beach on Tuesday.

The club will honour the deal over a long-term arrangement – possibly at $360,000-a-season for 10 years – and train him in football administration. He has no ambitions to coach.

The finer details of his remuneration package are being finalised as Burgess prepares for a divorce from his wife Phoebe and life after football.

He would learn the football club business under highly regarded chief executive Blake Solly and veteran football general manager Shane Richardson, working alongside sponsors and playing a role in recruitment.

The NRL is expected to approve his medical retirement by the end of the week.

Outside of the new job at Souths, Burgess also recently signed a new commentary deal at Fox Sports.

When contacted on Tuesday, Burgess, who was photographed looking fit during a swim at Coogee Beach, said he couldn’t discuss his contract negotiations.

“There’s nothing official to say just yet,” he said. “We are working through the deal at the moment and I am excited at the prospect of developing further skills off the field.”

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