How much Bachelor in Paradise stars charge for sponsored posts

Business-savvy contestants on Bachelor in Paradise are cashing in on their new-found fame by charging up to $5000 for sponsored posts while still insisting that they’re “definitely” on the show for love.

JUST over one week after Bachelor in Paradise premiered, several contestants are already making money from their reality TV fame.

Confidential has learned that Timm Hanly and Ciarran Stott have wasted no time lining up talent managers so that they can cash in on the lucrative social media influencer market, with some charging between $4000 to $5000 for a single Instagram post.

“I’ve just done a few deals for Timm and Ciarran with HelloFresh,” celebrity publicist Max Markson said.

Bachelor In Paradise season 3 cast. Picture: supplied
Bachelor In Paradise season 3 cast.

“This COVID-19 period has been extraordinary because people aren’t going out as much so the online retailers are selling more products, companies not just here in Australia but all over the world are reaching out to my clients wanting them to help sell products.”

Markson, who also represents Jamie Doran, said he expects his clients will start charging much more for sponsored posts as the season plays out because their popularity will grow.

“Sometimes it’s just a one-off of $1000 for an Instagram story post, which is gone within 24 hours. It’s very good money,” he said.

“The biggest deal I’ve done so far for Bachelor in Paradise is $4000 for a package of posts and stories but the show just started so this figure will grow.”

His clients promote everything from food to s*x toys and what each person earns is dependent upon how many followers they have.

“It depends on what following they have got and what their engagement is like,” said Markson.

Sachelor in Paradise stars Timm Hanly and Ciarran Stott promote Doctor V energy drink on social media. Source: Instagram @ciarranstott
Sachelor in Paradise stars Timm Hanly and Ciarran Stott promote Doctor V energy drink on social media.

“If you’ve got 150,000 followers and the engagement is good you can get $2000 to $3000 for a social media post. If you’ve got 250,000 followers but the engagement is lousy you might get $1000 per post.”

He said influencer earnings give people like Hanly, who works as a fireproofer, and Stott, a former army rifleman, an extra stream of income which is important in a struggling economy.

“They’re only getting around $500 per week on the show, or $100 per day so it’s not big money,” he said.

Keira Maguire is renowned for doing sponsored posts. Picture: supplied
Keira Maguire is renowned for doing sponsored posts.

“With COVID-19, there’s people out there that are doing it tough.”

“They can’t earn money for appearances at the moment due to the pandemic. Prior to COVID, they could earn around $1000 to $2000 for 60-90 minute appearances, plus airfares and accommodation.”

Other Bachelor in Paradise stars who are profiting from sponsored posts include Keira Maguire and Abbie Chatfield.

When asked whether his clients are on Bachelor in Paradise for the right reasons, Markson said there’s no doubt about it.

“There will always be trolls who will criticise reality stars. My belief is they do genuinely want to find love,” he said.

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