Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Winner Planned Not To Tell Wife About Jackpot

The first winner of of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 14 years has revealed that he wanted to keep the jackpot win a secret from his wife.

History and politics teacher Donald Fear rattled through the 15 questions with barely a hesitation on Friday night’s show, using only one of his lifelines.

Speaking to Holly and Phil on This Morning about the momentous 20 minutes that changed his life (yes, he did it that quickly), he said: “I didn’t phone anyone from the studio itself.

Donald spoke to Holly and Phil about his big win. Credit: ITV
Donald spoke to Holly and Phil about his big win.

“I was trying to keep it a secret with just me knowing, but you know, so many decisions would have to be taken jointly with my wife, so I decided to tell her and I did so as soon as I arrived home.”

After reluctantly revealing the news, he and wife of 33 years Deb headed off on holiday the following day.

He said: “We went away on holiday the next day. We were supposed to be driving to Spain but Covid took that so we found a caravan trip to Whitley bay.”

Ordinarily, if someone won a million quid in the space of 20 minutes, you’d think people might feel pretty bitter and jealous towards them. However, the 57-year-old was so impressive and assured that viewers could only heap praise on him following his sensational win:

The people have spoken – we have the GOAT of WWTBAM.

And as if Donald wasn’t likeable enough, he’s said he’s going to give most of his winnings away – just as his brother Davyth did when he won £500,000 on the show last year.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “I am a bit of a democratic socialist, so to speak, and just as my brother did with his win, this money will be splurged across the family.

“I intend to give at least 70 percent of the money away and leave just enough for me so I can have a comfortable retirement, say.

“To be honest, if I had a million pounds, I wouldn’t have a clue how to spend it. I could buy an Aston Martin for instance – I could get into the thing, but I could never get out of it. I’m fat!

“The only other thing you could possibly spend it on would be moving house but I am very happy with our house. It is in a lovely area and we have been there 27 years and have lovely neighbours, so why move?

“So I would rather keep the money and give it away to people I love. A motor-home is the only purchase on the horizon.”

You enjoy that motor-home, Donald. You deserve it.

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