The Best Solution Ever To Keep Spiders Out Of The House

Spider-phobes, unite! They might be starting to take over your home (that time of year again, innit) but we might have the solution to your nightmares in the form of a 30ml bottle of peppermint oil.

According to one mum, it’s the ‘best solution ever’ – all you need to do is put a couple of drops into a diffuser and off you go.

Credit: Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas
Credit: Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas

Sharing her ‘must try’ with the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, the woman wrote: “Can I just say if you haven’t already tried this then you really must now.”

In her original post, she asked: “Do you hate spiders coming into your house?

“I have the best solution ever!! £10.75 for a 30ml bottle of peppermint oil from Holland & Barrett, couple of drop in my diffuser and no more spiders.”

She did also add a quick warning for people to use with caution around children and animals, keeping the diffusers out of reach.

Then she concluded: “Thank me later.”

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

People were impressed, with one quickly nipping out to get some before writing: “Guess who’s bought some peppermint oil and a diffuser?”

Another person commented: “I need this in my life if it works. I’ll try anything to get rid of them.”

A third suggested: “Eucalyptus oil on the out side of the the windows is just as good…and cheaper.”

However, not everyone was impressed, with one person saying: “I use mine but the huge ones are warriors I’ve had 2 in my living room and what’s worse is they were that bloody fast they’re still lurking somewhere as I don’t know where they’ve gone.”

Safe to say, it might be a good time to start using the oil (if it works, obvs) because giant, sex-crazed spiders are taking over our homes in their annual invasion.

Arachnids are looking for mates and with the weather taking a turn for the cold with each passing day, they’ll be doing it in dry, warm spots – like under your pillow and on the couch.

Male house spiders are those big lads that seem to move at the speed of light – their leg span can grow to up to 10cm and, lucky us, it’s their mating season.

Dr Terrell-Nield told The Mirror: “The spider that is coming into houses at the moment is the house spider and it is one of Britain’s biggest spiders.

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