Renee Gracie has broken her five-year silence on the “P***y Wagon” saga

Former Supercars driver Renee Gracie has broken her five-year silence on the “P***y Wagon” saga to reveal she was encouraged into condemning Dave Reynolds for making a comment she actually thought was funny.

In a statement she fears may have contributed to Reynolds’ record fine, the racer turned pornstar said she was pushed into condemning the Holden star after he labelled her all-female Bathurst entry the “P***y Wagon”.

Reynolds was fined $25,000 for the remark he made about the Holden race car driven by Gracie and Simona de Silverstro in 2015.

“I didn’t even know he had said it but I was sat down and told that I would have to comment on it,” Gracie said.

“I was told Supercars were not going to let it slide and they were not happy with it.

“It was during a time when a lot of footy players were mistreating women and they reacted because of it,” she claimed.

“They wanted to take a stance and made it clear that he would be made an example of. I didn’t have a choice in what I said. I just did what they asked me to do.”

As the countdown to next Sunday’s Bathurst 1000 begins, Gracie said she thought the car she co-drove with De Silvestro should have officially become the P***y Wagon because of all the controversy it delivered.

Gracie, who now earns up to $500,000 a month selling internet s*x videos, now calls her own car the P***y Wagon — after the original yellow and black truck driven by Uma Thurman in the Quentin Tarantino cult classic Kill Bill.

Supercars driver David Reynolds was fined $25,000 for his “Pussy Wagon” comment in 2015. Picture: Evan Morgan

Supercars driver David Reynolds was fined $25,000 for his “P***y Wagon” comment in 2015. 
Supercars driver David Reynolds was fined $25,000 for his “P***y Wagon” comment in 2015.

“I actually wanted to run with it,” Gracie said.

“I think there was an opportunity to create merchandise and run off the back of it.”

Gracie regrets not speaking her mind in a move that could have spared Reynolds the record fine.

“It was harsh. They were trying to prove a point,” she claimed.

“Dave just made a joke. He is a great guy and one of the best in the category. The sport would be bland and boring if he wasn’t around.

“He was just trying to be funny and, to be honest, I did think it was funny. Everyone knows he means well and sometimes you get that crazy weird stuff.”

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