Stories about heroic pets who saved lives

Pets are comforting animals in our lives, but in some people’s lives — they are the very reason they’re STILL alive. 

In a viral Facebook post, by Genial, users flooded the comment section and shared stories of how their pets have saved their lives. We’ve gathered the top stories and shared them below. 

All we can say is thank goodness for our beloved pets. 

1Text - inSr 2 years ago, my mother hired a contractor. When he entered the house, my mom's dog (a Pekingese) attacked him. He bit his leg. I told my mom that the contractor must have done something, but she got mad at the dog, and tied him up to his chain. A month after working at her home, he stole some money from my mom. Today, she only trusts her pet, a dog who has never attacked anyone before, but who, that day, knew who that person really was.

2Mammal - My dog was named Cheeks. Unfortunately, he's no longer with me, he died a year ago. The story goes like this: I go to work quite late, so I take him out for a walk every night at around 12:30 a.m. That day, we were walking, and for a moment, I felt that someone was following me. Cheeks was a very noble dog and not at all violent, but he stopped and started biting the person behind us. The man ran away and, in his escape, he dropped a knife. Maybe I owe my life to my good Cheeks.

3Text - Hn | have a rescue dog. She's a greyhound, and because of that, she's anxious and never stops running. One day, the dog came into my house all agitated. Although we knew she was always really active, she was too energetic this time, and we were confused, so my mother followed her to the street. It turns out that a man was lying in the street. He had been beaten by someone who tried to rob him and had his jaw broken, so he couldn't ask for help. If my dog hadn't noticed, God knows what wou

4Border collie - It was early in the morning, and we were all asleep at home when my cat woke my mom and me up. She put her wet legs on our faces and began meowing. For a moment, I thought the water was coming from her litterbox, but I was wrong. When we got downstairs, we realized that the house was flooding.

5Text - J n saved my son's life and mine. There was an electrical short circuit in the room we were sleeping in. At around 2 a.m. Miranda began to bark. I heard her, but I didn't wake up. In the end, she got under the sheets and started licking my hand and barking louder. I woke up. The smoke was suffocating, and the fire was spreading up the walls. I owe my life to Miranda. Y* My Schnauzer

6Text - y lir My pitbull, Athena, is afraid of our pool. I tried many times to get her in, but she fought me hard and cried. It was impossible until I dove into the deepest part and pretended to be drowning. She jumped to rescue me without hesitation.

7Text - - My cat saved us from a fire caused by my little sister on 2 occasions: The first time it happened was when she put an instant ramen soup in the microwave without water, and it caught fire. The second time, she put a tamale in the microwave and set it for 15 minutes. It also got set on fire. On both occasions, my cat was the fire alarm.

8Cat - inaN My Stripe appeared life when she was 3 years old. in my I thought she belonged to a neighbor, but that wasn't the case. I remember the night of September 7, 2017, because I had a migraine and I took my medications, which made me very sleepy. I went to bed, because I had a sensitivity to light, and felt Stripe climb onto my stomach and purr. When I was about to fall asleep, i heard the neighbors making noise, as if they were dragging a piece of furniture. That's when my cat sat on the

9Text - Hty M I got food poisoning, so I was in a lot of pain and kept vomiting. My boyfriend took the cats out of the house (so they wouldn't bother me, according to him), but forgot that there was an open window. As soon as he disappeared, one of my cats came back and jumped straight to my bed and onto my stomach. He meowed and massaged me with his legs. It was the best demonstration of love and perfect therapy at the same time. I felt so much less pain after that.

10Dog - HAY ČHH We realized that my father had fallen down the stairs, thanks to my angel, because he started barking at 10:00 p.m. It was a big scare.

11Text - There was a park near my house that was pretty large. It was crowded with people during the afternoon. Our Dalmatian, Tiber, used to go for a walk alone and come back home late. One day, I was with my friends (I was a teenager), and the dog kept pulling my shoes and pants. Tiber insisted repetitively for a minute. He barked louder and louder until I said, "What's wrong?" And I let him take me by the pants. It turns out that my younger brother (11 years old) was in the opposite part of the

12Text - My boxer was heroic not once, but several times. I was asleep in my room, and he came to wake me up at midnight. I assumed he wanted to pee (as he used to let me know), so I opened the door to the garden, but he didn't go outside. I went to bed again, but he insisted that I stand up. I even scolded him and tossed him out of the room. This made him start scratching the door frantically. When I opened it, I realized what he wanted. I went to the living room, looked around, and saw my little

13Text - Mtany kuo A while ago, I got sick, and the doctor who treated me prescribed the wrong medicines. As the days went by, I got worse and worse until one night I couldn't take it anymore. I fell asleep, but wanted to wake up. My dog, bed Amelie, cried all night beside my until I woke up. That same morning, they took me to the emergency room. No one thought I would survive because I had a very serious illness. In fact, the doctors told my family that if I had just kept sleeping, I would've nev

14Text - One day, my cat came into the house, meowing desperately. We didn't know what was wrong, so we followed him, and he led us to the back of the backyard, where we found a white kitten, almost dying. We rescued her, and the next day she got better. He's a fantastic character who keeps surprising us all the time. He's the love of our lives. IR

15Text - THWH One of my most incredible stories happened in my parents' house. My 5-year-old nephew suffered from epilepsy and occasionally spent the night there. One of those nights, we all started to hear heartbreaking howls from their dog. Everyone woke up, and my father went upstairs to where he was, to see what was going on. It turns out that my nephew had had a severe seizure while he was sleeping, and the dog climbed onto his bed and howled to wake everyone up. He saved his life. My nephew

16Text - i hEK For some reason, there was no chemistry between me and my first puppy, Bolo. It was my kid's dad who brought him home, and since that day, we couldn't connect. The dog was very lazy, so I usually ended up scolding him. Everything changed when we moved to a house in an isolated area. One day I had to go out to do some paperwork, and the dog followed me out of the house. I told him to stay home, but he insisted on coming with me. As soon as I got to the next street, a man who clearly

17Dog - Last year I was hospitalized. A woman we knew was pet-sitting my dog when she noticed she started to get agitated and changed her behavior. The pet sitter got alarmed, so she went to visit me at the hospital. As soon as she got there, I was taken into the Intensive Care Unit: I was suffering 2 cardiorespiratory arrests. But here I am, thanks to my dog, Maya.Text - A few years ago, I had a black kitten named Pearl. One night she began to behave strangely. Our entire family was sleeping and she was trying to warn us that there was smoke in the house. I had a hard time waking up my husband and 2 daughters. Black smoke spread throughout the house all the way to the kitchen, but Pearl saved us. We will always remember her for her help and for other nice moments we shared. When she died, it was a very hard blow. I have to say it was an honor to have her

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