20 Facts about human blood we didn’t know about

It is common knowledge that the circulatory system in our bodies is extremely complicated. That’s why it is vital to nurture and maintain it, as well as know more about one’s blood type. It is true that many individuals do not know many things about their bodies. All you need to do is a bit of reading.

Here are a few interesting things about the human blood that you might not know:

1. We usually say the mosquitoes have sucked away all our blood. But interestingly enough, it would require more than a million mosquitoes to drain our body of all the blood we have.

2. The blood in our systems needs to be circulated at a fairly high pressure to maintain optimum circulation. The pumping is so powerful that it can also create a bloom stream that is 30 feet tall.

3. One checks the pulse of patients to determine if they’re alive or not. However, in the year 2012, Craig Lewis, a man in his mid-50s was fitted with a device which circulates blood in his body, all without the pulse.

4. Our bodies circulate enough blood in the matter of 25 days which can fill up a medium swimming pool.

5. Ever called someone heartless? Well this guy, Stan Larkin, is. Quite literally that is. He lived a whopping 555 days in the absence of a heart. He was waiting for a transplant and used to lug around a machine which helped him stay alive and even play basketball!

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6. It is quite possible to lose up to 40% of all the blood in our bodies and stay alive. But it is necessary to receive enough blood later by a blood transfusion.

7. Mondays are peak heart-attack prone days reporting 21% of all recorded heart attacks. Fridays take second place. The reason is assumed to be the stress hormones which are produced at the start of the week.

8. The heartbeats which we have can alter our mood. This was studied by scientists when an individual received a heart transplant. His actions, feeling, and mind altered after surgery in strange ways.

9. It is recommended to wake up slowly during the morning as well as lessen the intensity of workouts in the evening in order to keep your heart safe.

10. Blood groups could possibly be a cause for divorce as well. Researchers have found that connections between divorces and blood types do exist. It is usually seen that two people with the blood type O are a very strong couple, whereas configurations such as O + A or AB + A have higher instances of divorce.

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11. Blood plasma is assisted with the intake of coconut water due to the similarity in their compositions.

12. People that are of the blood group O are less likely to have cardiovascular problems but can develop skin cancer or even obesity.

13. Individuals with blood group A are likely to experience cholesterol related problems. Their blood group makes them susceptible to coronary heart diseases.

14. Individuals with blood group B are susceptible to pancreatic cancer and diabetes.

15. People that are of the blood group of AB need to tend to their concentration and memory because they have 82% higher chance of cognitive deficiency.

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16. Energy drinks can cause seizures, an erratic heartbeat, and even death due to the ridiculously high quantity of caffeine that they have. It is up to thrice the amount in soda or even coffee.

17. Diets which are personalized for your blood type are just myths. Researchers at Toronto University have proven that this is just a scam for companies to sell us useless products and make quick money.

18. The wonderful nation of Japan has a distinct industry that produces goods targeted towards specific blood type. These can range from personal care items, cosmetics, and even food.

19. Individuals with the blood group O have better endurance in comparison to the other blood groups. In fact, a study found no AB blood group water polo athletes that are elite. But it is important to remember that one can take advantage of this only if they work out on a regular basis.

20. Our personalities are influenced by our blood group. Researchers have discovered a link between the personalities of their test subjects and their corresponding blood groups. People in Japan are of the belief that blood groups are influential when it comes to a person’s personality as well as their fruitfulness in family or professional life.

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