15 Men Who Met The Creepiest Women And Lived To Tell The Tale

Contradictory to popular belief, it’s not only men who can be creepy, and these stories from 15 Redditors will prove exactly that. 

1. YoungRocks wrote: 
This girl that I had gone to the bar with a few times in college sat outside my apartment for four hours while texting my most recent ex-girlfriend that I was in there with some other girl… I was in there playing Goldeneye on the N64 with my little brother… still very confused about that whole thing.

2. CptBootyClap wrote: 
In 6th grade this one girl said she wanted to show me her underwear in gym class. She took me to the corner of the gym and pulled down her shorts and underwear. It was pretty sweet and at the same time scared the shit out of me.

3. tangledrhythms wrote: 
The chick I️ met off Tinder, who briefly became a stalker. As in, take a photo from my rocking chair- on my porch at my front door – around 4am and text it to me as I’m asleep stalker.

4. FusRoDoodles wrote: 
I’m not a man, but my then boyfriend stopped going to the local game shop he loved cuz od the weird girl who hung out there. She would stand around all day, and chase around any dude who walked in alone. She wore one of those big oversized panda beanies that hang down, and looked like she hadn’t seen a bath in ages. She’d follow the guys around and meow creepily at them and when they looked at her she’d make weird anime noises and overreact and run away. He said one day she asked if he thought she was “kawaii”, so he noped out and didn’t go back.

5. azrael4h wrote: 
I have an older cousin. She’s basically my mom’s sister, they’re so close, but they are first cousins. I cannot go around that woman without her actively flirting with me, asking who I’m dating, talking up my looks, asking me to play guitar, things of that nature. It’s damn creepy and uncomfortable, and I hate going near her, but again she’s basically my mom’s sister, so I still end up seeing her every so often, where she does it again.

6. Cyrakhis wrote: 
Met a girl that told me she fu*ked a dog in her exploratory teen years. Nope.

7. addisonshinedown wrote: 
I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but over my lifetime I have had 3 stalkers. 2 I now have restraining orders against. I lived on the third floor of an apartment building in the city. One night I woke up to my stalker sitting on the fire escape masturbating while watching me sleep. She’s since been to prison and then been released.

8. LucklessRouge wrote: 
In high school a girl that would always sit across from my table at lunch found out where I lived. Every Saturday for four months she would show up.

9. security-guy wrote: 
A regular waitress at a bar I frequented had a glass eye. When I’d leave, the would pull out her eye, hold it up and say, “I’ll keep an eye out for you.”https://giphy.com/embed/ybelHxwnlAg8

10. Back2Bach wrote: 
There was a nun in the large Gothic church where I was a student musician who would come up to the loft and just sit and stare at me while I played the organ.
She never said a word, but just sat there and watched, sometimes by the hour (except for one time when she brought along a feather duster to clean a few cobwebs she noticed clinging to the mouths of the gilded Diapason pipes in the facade).

11. Juan6025 wrote: 
This one female had a crush on me, and she somehow got my graduation pics. She posted them on instagram claiming i was her boyfriend. i never knew her like that, and never even had her on insta or any social media. All i knew was she liked me in high school. It wasn’t till my friend asked me how am i doing with her.And I said who?! i was mad as a mother flower. My friend sent me the screen shots of her instagram making it look like we had a thing. So i confronted her and guess what was her response?….” how did you find out”? was i not suppose to know? XD fucking crazy man.

12. Booman_aus wrote:  
Had a semi-stalker who called me and said she walked to my house the previous night which was about a 2 hour walk, she said she got shy and sat out my bedroom window for a few hours and then walked home. I was home the whole time. I checked outside my window and saw leaves were moved.

13. YourLocalSnivy wrote: 
All of a sudden, she was so cold and brutal. She was all child like in her behavior always asking questions etc, but all of a sudden, she snaps and starts barking orders and shit. It’s crazy. Her whole appearance changed too, maybe she was just tired and frustrated about work but idk, seemed like she was crazy. Even her accent changed to a southern accent, when it was comparable to Ariana Grande before.

14. swatlowski wrote: 
Wife’s new friend. Walks up at the bar, asks me a normal question with unusual posture, began to dress like my wife, got new expensive hair, similar nails, somewhat suggestive but not overtly (at all) sexual, just manipulative somehow, I just get a feeling that she’s not talking to me, but she wants something. I don’t like it and I don’t like my wife hanging out with her. It’s weird.

15. el_flaco_penguin wrote: 
This only happened like a year ago… My friend and I were walking down an empty hallway, and this girl that everyone knew to be kind of weird walked past us and hissed. On top of that, after the hiss, she said “You will die tommorrow”. After she passed, we looked at each other and started cracking up, but now that I think of it that’s creepy af. The girl in question also made anime noises and ran around with her hands thrown behind her back.https://giphy.com/embed/Vi1YAP4jJen4I

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